Toa Okoto Revamps pt1 Tahu Onua Pohatu

First off, i have to say, i love the new Bionicle building system. I collected the G1 toys when they came off the line in 2001 and i have to say, i love the way the G2 versions look compared to the originals. That being said, I hade to do something about the HF torsos…
First off, Tahu.

larking around on his Lava board as per usual

Next up, Onua

and rounding off part 1, My very first Gen-1-er (and favourite Toa) Pohatu!!!

That finishes part 1 of the toa revamp. Part 2 will be tomorrow (its very late where i am)
From what people have been saying, ive changed a few things.
Tahu- now has red feet, changed the shoulder design and the storage for his golden blades

Pohatu- Made him taller, lost all the bulk, redesigned the way the arms attach and changed the armour so he just has a pauldron to silm him down further. Also now his stormerangs can attach to his feet.

Better,worse? what’d you think?


Why is pohatu so short and why does tahu have dark red feet?

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These look pretty sweet!

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@SwagMeister Tahu has dark red feet to go with his dark red lower leg, kind of like boots that go up to his knees. Was Pohatu not the shortest in g1? I wanted to make him really small, to fit his new personality ( what we call in Scotland, wee-man-syndrome, really gruff and with a serious chip on his shoulder)


the torsos seem… abit awkward and overly bulked out

Pohatu is eh, but the rest are great!

switch pohatus torso

Pohatu… Why?

######I actually like Pohatu’s torso…

Great work mang!

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I like Pohatu but the others look a bit awkward

Looks good.
Personally, I don’t like all the HF torsos either.