Toa Okoto Revamps (WIPs)


Here you guys my redone kopaka and tahu

i know they are not to good. :stuck_out_tongue:


I like them, but I think the Gold and Silver mixture on Tahu and Kopaka is a bit strange.


Honestly these don’t look like revamps to me instead they look like you took off pieces. I know that your trying to go for that mata feel but Tahu doesn’t have his hands anymore and yet Kopaka does.


@PluralLego The only reason there is any gold on tahu at all! is because i don’t have any other way to do the plate torso :stuck_out_tongue: or silver on kopaka for that matter is because i dont have a white torso for Kopaka

tahu’s redesign comes from a mixture of the original Mata look and nuva

EDIT: added Mata picture

@ToaKylerak Don’t have proper parts for Kopaka to have same design for hands as Tahu.

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These are good, but their shoulders are too low.

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Any ideas how to make them higher without them looking pretty bad? :smile:

(I’m going for a Mata look)


They look a bit too basic,but i guess they’re pretty cool

if i had more pieces they’d look better

JUST TO SPECIFY this isnt a post regarding the hand design!

Maybe adding some shoulder pads could improve them

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Tahu needs a bigger sword, same for Kopaka, the rest looks okay…but the chest plates…paint them…maybe?

@RaptorTalon Tahu’s sword tries to replicate the '01 sword but I do agree, the chest plates will be painted sometime, but what colour?

@legomaster1378 Why was my post about Tahu and Kopaka’s hand design hidden :open_mouth:

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silver. make the silver.


wouldnt it loo a bit bland?

The chest plates? not really…

if you want to, take some tape and put it over the decals you want to keep.

well today I’m gonna be repainting pohatus mask chest and plates in burnt sienna

Here it is guys The kanohi kakama repainted !
tell me what you think @legomaster1378


It looks very nice! I see what you were going for with the shade of brown. :wink:
I assume it’s to make a Pohatu resembling '01’s version?

Yes quite. i plan on (when i get the skull villains) replacing pohatus eyes with the new orange ones. like in 01

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Looks pretty great!
Good work, Panda! :panda_face:

@PluralLego @RaptorTalon

Kickers are finished :smiley: