Toa Orde- DuckBricks Bionicle Fanon Contest Entry

My entry for the fanon contest held by DuckBricks.


Some Poses:

Sanok Please!

Mask by Galva, available in the Galvapack as custom part galva234.dat: Bionicle Mask of Direction (Visor / Inner Glass Compatible) [Galva]

360 View (compressed due to file size issue):
Orde Pose Base Compressed

Full Instructions: Orde Instructions.pdf - Google Drive

Let me know what you think. Your constructive feedback is surely welcome.


Very nice color scheme, although the torso seems quite flat and with biceps that small I fear for Orde’s health. I’m curious what stops this figure’s pecs from separating and flaying out when posed, since it seems like the bar in the back would hardly stop it from doing so.

Best of luck in the contest!


Thanks for the feedback concern. While it may not seem like much, the black, bent pieces used on the neck are used for this reason. The bushings on the end are locked in place with the gear. In order for the shoulders to fall down, they have to push up a little on the curved piece, which in turn pushes down on this bushing-gear mesh. As the gear is set in place by the bulk attachment to the body, it can’t move, and thus applies a reactive force against this movement.

The bar on the back is more useful for preventing the shoulders from slouching forwards, as well as being slightly decorative. You wouldn’t want to be too rough with it, but it could hold its own fine (as long as the Slizers/Mata hand piece used has decent enough friction).

I wonder what your opinions are on the flat Inika armor, or what of the Mata’s.


The mace design is extremely clever. I didn’t know that gear wheel could hold bars like that. It’s a great combination of really old and really new parts.

The arms are also a standout for me; they match the look of the original Toa sets really well.


Thank you for the compliment.