Toa Orde Patriarch of Psionics (V3)

Hi everyone!

This is my entry into the first of the Duckbricks fanon contest entry for the first Toa of Psionics, Toa Orde.

My take on Orde is is the product of several retoolings, starting over, and obvious hints and nods to other spectacular MOCs, and I hope you like him! I tried to honor the ancient vibe while also creating a unique, stable frame that allows for great posing, play, and display. He has torso articulation and all the other standard points, but I used a lot of Technic to try and keep with his older aesthetic (even though canonically, the Glatorian are older than any Toa, and use mostly post-2006 parts).

I used the scoped Sanok to give him a more unique choice, while also keeping in line with the popularity this Kanohi has for him. I have always liked him having a Sanok, as it is complimentary to his power set in the same that the Miru is to Lewa, and the Kaukau is to Gali. The link to it is here: Kanohi Sanok, Great Mask of Accuracy (Non-Organic) by KhingK - Thingiverse

I chose for him the light blue/black/pearl gold color scheme to have him stand out, and because I think that the medium blue and black is a harsh contrasting palette that fits his uniqueness.

As always, hope you enjoy, and please leave any criticism or thoughts below!


Very clean and cool color scheme. Though, the Metru-style articulation is a little off putting personally. But better something rather than nothing, right?


@Kanohi_Cantri Thank you! I went back on forth on the color palette several times before settling on this version. The Metru frame, I guess I’m not entirely following. Is it his arms? I’m not arguing, just trying to understand. I will concede many other Orde’s look ‘older’, but I needed stronger arms to support the weight of his mace. Thanks for commenting!


I would remove the gold bits from the lower limbs and mace, too distracting from the other sources of gold on the body. Dark brown connectors or something neutral like gunmetal spacers for the mace I think would work better. Another thing is that from the photos I can’t tell what his eye color is.

Overall nice silhouette and the meditation pose is pretty cool. Medium blue was a good choice.


Yes. This is a popularized method for adding more shoulder articulation to Metru torso builds.


@Boogie Thanks for the criticisms! I kind of like the gold on the mace, as I was imagining it like an ornate decoration, but see your point. I really wanted to remove the spacers from his lower legs, but they looked too thin without it, and black spacers looked worse, IMO. I so wish I had medium blue spacers, as those would have worked perfectly. His eyes are the same translucent red as Matau Metru, and I will also admit I cannot capture that color well, but I really wanted him to have red eyes to fit his short temper. Thanks for the feedback, really appreciated!

@Kanohi_Cantri Ah, thanks for clarifying. I think it fits his overall design, but might be ‘too new’ a style to fit with older Toa. I think the oldest Toa that might have had a Metru build was Dume, and he was likely well after Orde’s creation.