Toa Orde (Yesterday Quest)

Toa Orde

Contrary to appearances, building a Toa of Psionics consistent with the lore is more difficult than it may seem at first glance. Generation One didn’t give us many golden elements, and those available work much better with titans than with Toa-scale builds.

You can use small system elements, including bars and studs, to give our MOC more golden details, but the downside of such a solution is the excessive detail of the final build whuch stand out when we put such a MOC among other Toa. Such MOCs like to be allso too system-heavy.

Therefore, I decided to use slightly simpler solutions in my design so that my Orde would fit into the Toa Metru style. I based the entire structure on Metru Build enriched with my favorite construction techniques, adding non-invasive gold accents blending well with the dark blue elements constituting the skeleton of the entire structure.

Since Orde was the first Toa of Psionics, I wanted him to look like something LEGO might release as an official set in the early years of the series. That’s why he’s simpler then the most popular MOCs trying to represent this specific Toa.

My Orde’s weapon is, of course, his canonical mace, which I designed not to be overly heavy. I wanted the ball joints to be able to keep it raised even without the help of the other hand, which is often a problem with larger weapons.

To give my MOC the right mask, for the first time in my life I painted a print, for which I used spray varnish. Color-wise, the paint is a bit too light, but on the photos it’s not so problematic. Anyway, whoever wants can always buy a print from one of dozens of stores available online so I think people who will try recreating my Orde will have better looking Kanohi than my one :stuck_out_tongue:

I think the final result looks strong, elegant, but at the same time it fits into how we perceive the canonical Toa design.

Used mask:

See breakdown photos here:

360° spin:

~Taohe Netrus~