Toa Orde

My version of Orde from the Yesterday Quest, the only male Toa of psionics

Alternate Kanohi:

The gang’s all here


Honestly, I’m not sure about this one. Out of the three, this could use the most work. I’m not really the biggest fan of the torso and the open balljoints on the Piraka arm on his chest. I also don’t really like how low the arms are, and the Rau on a male character. This moc has a lot of potential; I suggest you go back on this and try to rework it. There are some interesting concepts here, such as the shoulders though.


This is kind of a baseless criticism; Kanohi aren’t gendered. There’s nothing inherently feminine about the mask, other than the fact that it was only ever canonically used on female characters due to its colour.

(As a side note, the Av-toran head lights up the eyes in the mask pretty well, which is probably the only praise I will ever give that piece.)

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In my opinion the noble rau looks a bit feminine, but the great rau could be either


(But seriously, I kind of see what you’re saying, but I think that’s just because it was first used on Nokama.)

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maybe. I think it’s the eye holes that look feminine to me

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