Toa Orde

Here’s my moc of Toa Orde. Credit to the mask and shin armor goes to Galva


Looks great but a Problem (only a personal thing) would be the Helryx arm.(atleast its a more stable version) But other than that great job


I like how it takes some design elements from Helryx. That’s something that I plan on doing with my own Orde (although to a lesser extent)

Not sure if you’ll be allowed to enter it with the custom shin armor though (assuming that you’re planning on entering it into the contest)

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I do plan to enter this into the contest and I think there was a max of 3 custom parts so I think I can enter this in.

The current rules seem to state that custom parts can only be used for the weapons and mask. But who knows, maybe the rules will change.

Well that’s a shame hopefully the rules change in the future.


Man, why using pearl colors?

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The colorpack isn’t working for me so I’m using the ones already in there for now until I get that fixed.

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You’re not the only one

Which folder are you installing pack too?

Also, if you can’t install colorpack, you can at least use “Metallic” colors

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I put them in the Custom Colors folder but I think I did something wrong and when it renders it says the color isn’t available or something so I’ll go with your suggestion of using metallic colors next time.

I think i just got why it isnt working i forgot the admin pw and use an alt account

Exact directory you need is C:\ProgramData\Studio\CustomColors

I don’t see any gold colors that weren’t already in vanilla

I’m starting to think that I didn’t install the pack correctly either :expressionless:

Once again, check which folder you installed pack to

Also, if you’re on windows you can use Mugbearer’s installer from

This is pretty good. I always like Sanok-Orde.

I also like the simple blade-staff weapon. I think it fits him well.

It’s maybe a little gold-heavy, but it’s still recognizable as a Toa of Psionics.

This seems unlikely. This is a Lego-based contest, after all.

Allowances were made for Kanohi for obvious reasons, and also for weapons because they are often unique to a character.

(Realistically though, I think the only 3d-printed weapon we’ll get is Tuyet’s Barbed Broadsword. Maybe.)