Toa Panem: Self-Moc

“Forged during the Makuta Wars, Panem was a bo-matoran who’s gentle exterior hid a fierce loyalty underneath. Loyalty to his kin, loyalty to the great city, and loyalty to the empress Tuyet who had brought him there as part of her expansion projects for Metru-Nui. Such zeal would be tempered by his rather mundane job of the tilling and creation of soil from the raw elements of po and onu-Metru. In time, Panem learned patience, and by luck dug up an old Toa stone created ages ago by ancient Toa. As a reward for his continued service, Panem was allowed to use this stone and become a Toa.

His Toa tool forged by the Suva was a harvester Scythe. While serving to cut through vegetation, Panem could also channel his power through it, spawning fertile plant life on the ground with a wave of the tool.

With the Darkhunters long felled and the Makuta licking their wounds from the last war, Panem was rarely called into action. Tuyet ordered him to assist other Toa of plantlife in growing new life in the city and he did so. That is not to say he was so robotic in his duty. Panem took an interest in archeology and rahi of days gone by. When off of his duty, Panem attends a school in Ga-Metru. Perhaps one day he can venture out as a paleontologist…”

For a while I debated what sort of Toa I’d want to be. I went between Ice or stone before realizing my favorite color was blue and aqua. So here’s my self-moc, using tricks and bits from lots of past projects.

Yes I’m in the “Tuyet’s Regime” AU I’ve built other things for.:sweat_smile:
Probably going to make this my new profile pic.
Anyways, hope you enjoy.


I like the armouring a lot. It is nice to see a Plantlife selfmoc, don’t see that too often.


ah cool, ye i agree that a toa of plantlife is nice to see!
i like the build and the scythe!


consistent design aesthetic
no abrupt use of ccbs
i like


Love that weapon design. I love a good metro build.