Toa Panu and Redon Biofomer/Bionicle Mocs

Ok here are some of my newest mocs,but Backstory behind building

I bought a couple of technic and Bionicle And thought to my ,why don't I try to make a Biofomer?!, so I got to work and with using the sets and some hand connected and more blue pins(Sorry Eljay...)
I built this...

Here's Toa Panu

Action Pose!

Knifes,Sholder mounted Blasters,
And Handheld sniper/shotgun!
What more weapons Dose he need?!?

But wait.....
There's more
Remember how in the title I said "Biofomer"?
Well presenting His Spaceship mode!

But wait.....
In the title there are 2 names....

Kid protecter:Hi Redon! You know what your Shorter than Me! YOU NOW HAVE THE TITLE OF SMALLEST MOC THAT AVEEX BUILT!

Yep Really Short....
But the coolest,small thing I Ever built...
Now for his 2 Alt modes


Random Action pose


Panu and Redon

Well that's it!
On my YouTube channel (Aveex Toa of fire)I might make a how to on this (sorry for the plug....)

Well any way good bye

P.s. The Matoran in the middle is my self moc(Aveex)


Panu looks pretty great but his alt mode is a bit... lack luster. It would have been really cool if he was able to turn into a jet....

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Panu was Going to be jet but i could not find a way to put cockpit it the alt mode

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You could change the armour piece circled in red to orange, black or a translucent couler.

Also I'd recommend maybe adding larger possible wings to the areas circled in blue
and maybe attach tailfins to the pins circled in green.


Thanks for the help! I will get working on A version 2


No problem smile Hope V2 goes well.

A bioformer that actually looks pretty legit in both forms?

Like from me.

(nitpick list: shins are quite weird, the color scheme is off, especially with the printed/stickered parts.

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Best MOC! 10/10, 8/8!

That's awesome! I think the helicopter is cooler than the humanoid form, though.

Wait what Helicopter?

Sorry. I mistook it for a helicopter. I meant spaceship. joy

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This can't be you on the other end of this comment.

(BTW good MOC, looks pretty cool in both forms)


I can't exactly describe it but it seems like theirs "to much going on" (I can't find the center of emphasis)


The shoulders seem a bit wonky, but otherwise, this is pretty great!

Wow, that's much better than what I can do.

Another good Bioformer. It could use some work in the jet mode, but to be perfectly honest the worst part is not being able to hear "that sound" when it transforms.

I based the looks of Panu After this Transfomer

That's why the Shoulders look like that


Thank you all for yor feedback! smiley

I love Armada Starscream! smiley


Heck yeah StarScream Armada!!!

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