Toa Payinku: Master of Plasma (PROTOTYPE)

I made a prototype of what toa Payinku will look like when I get my hands on the new parts.

as it's a prototype, so things will obviously change between this and the final version, this is more of a look at what could be.

he fits in scale with my matoran design,


some action shots with my second favorite moc,

and my favorite moc

so, this is a thing, what do you think? remember, it's just a prototype.

btw, his halberd and shield can store on his back, but I didn't bother taking a picture.


The matoran fits like a 2015 set, despite being made of old parts(majorly).


I have but one major issue with this.....

It's literally the exact opposite colors of the original Gravity element, and the colors have been shown to carry through to G2.

My thoughts in a nutshell:
The should armor on the waist is a tad large. The axe is neat. Shield is neat. Build is a bit simple and outdated. Shoulder armor is creative. Could use a custom torso. Different shades of transblue conflict to me. He is recognizable as an upgrade to Payinku the Matoran though, I just can't bring myself to call him Gravity, at least not yet.

I also have to note, Payinku's upper leg armor is basically the same as the original, ORIGINAL Ekorak.

This guy


and hewkii was gunmetal and keetorange, there are shown exceptions to the color rule,
I have to point that out,

thanks, specifically, it's a halberd,

eh, like I said, it's just a prototype,

they conflict to me too, but it's only a stand in for the new kakama,

it should be, considering how much trouble the upper arms were to construct.


What do you mean by this? If you're talking about just the element gravity, we haven't seen it in G2. If you're talking about color schemes in general, we've seen a couple revisions already. Onua has purple, Lewa has yellow.

Interesting choice of colour scheme. I like it! One thing I would like to say is that the trams light blue makes the mocs feel a little off but not as much in the Matoran. As it's a prototype I cannot wait to see the final product and I look forward to that. Great moc and keep on mocing!






you know, this guy's really starting to grow on me.

I'll probably keep him as much in tact as possible(probably reworked into a new character) after I build the final version,
granted his halberd is mostly final, if not final, so that will be transferred.

I should point out that the final version will majoratively be CCBS, to fit into the new aesthetics.


also @Political_Slime, you and I have very different ideas of what toa me looks like,
mine is much more generic.

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Eh. I would just prefer different colors to this to convey Gravity. Your Self-MOC though, you can do what you will with him.

UPDATE: I bothered taking pictures



I realise now that plasma is actually these colours anyway, so I'm changing the element to plasma,
superheating his halberd sounds pretty cool though, right? cut through makuta armor like a hot knife through butter.