Toa Pohatu G1

Something I drew to try out some markers I had gotten on discount.
This is meant to be in the same style/aesthetic as my previous Kopaka drawing

My biggest mistake I see right off the bat is the background. I should’ve left it blank with him just kicking the rock, aaand I may have wen overboard with the glowwy eyes.
His pose is meant to reference the original action pose from his 2001 canister art.


This is great, but all that elemental power coming from his eyes is kinda to much

Not bad!

Your marker work is just a tad messy in some areas, I can see the grey of the ground overlapping the legs, but that’s nitpicking.

The eyes may be a little overboard, but they look really cool! Great use of the markers there!

I wouldn’t say that, I think it’s just a good excuse to practice drawing backgrounds!

You had the right idea with the angle of the ground, it cuts through the line of action in Pohatu quite nicely. The only real issue I see is the rocks, they’re pulled in way too close to Pohatu, but it’s nothing practice can’t fix!

Overall, this is really nice work!