Toa Potan

Back with another MOC canon in my story, this time is Potan, Radrix’s best friend and partner:


Why is he almost half the size of Radrix? Shouldn’t they be in the same team?


I actually really like this build. Simple, yet bright and well-built. Good job, Radrix!

The only thing I can thing of is to make him a little armored around his shoulders and back, maybe the neck. Other than that, though, it’s really very good.


Think of Brutaka and Axonn, are they the same size?

They are different species.

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Do two different Toa have to be always the same size? These were supposed to be different.

@meepinater thanks for compliment


The torso design is really inventive! It might be just a tad bare in the back, but I like the unique design of the shoulders!

I think the extra armor piece on the back of the arms might be a little unnecessary, they kind of beef up his arms too much.

Overall, he’s simple, but he works! The colors are also work great, and he has a sick weapon too!

Don’t listen to this, it’s not a valid critique. Toa can be any size you want.

Nice work!


Dude, this looks really cool! I like what you did with the inika build! And the torso is pretty solid as well! good job!!

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Needs more black. Shoulders are to wide

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No, they have not, but if they are in the same team, they kinda have, seeimg that most of the Toa Teams have members of the same size. This is why I asked if they are in the same team.

@PakariNation99 I have the rights to be curious and to ask some thing, OK?

Ok, now I understand what you want to say. Let me explain: They are not two members of a whole team made of six, they are only two together.

This is what I am trying to know. Now that I have this contest, I can say that your skills at mocing are becoming better and better.

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Thank you!

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Nice. Custom torso. And their of orange plus yellow is quite good.

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