Toa Protectors

So, I had this idea in my head one day:

“What if the 2015 Protectors were previously Toa much like how the G1 Turaga were Toa prior?”

And this is what I came up with. From left to right, we have Korgot, Narmoto, Nilkuu, Izotor, Kivoda, and Vizuna.

All 6 of these guys wield a six-stud shooter weapon designed after the G1 Cordak Blaster along with unique weapons of their own.

Korgot wields a Crystal Flail.
Narmoto wields a pair of Blazing Claws.
Nilkuu wields a Spinning Sand Staff.
Izotor wields a Frost Dagger and a Skull Shield.
Kivoda wields a Dual-Headed Harpoon Trident.
Vizuna wields a Foliage Crossbow.