Toa Rauera

Remember that realistic drawing of Stoax I posted here back in my early days on the boards? Well, I decided to do something similar with another MOC in my storyline, Rauera.

Here it is so far!

Darn it! Why do the message boards make my drawings look so fuzzy?

Now before you mention it, yes, he is asymmetrical. The reason for this is that he is a cyborg (* Members: But Stoax, aren’t Toa already cyborgs? Me: Well, he’s made up of more mechanical stuff than he is bio mechanical**)

Much like with the Stoax drawing, this is how I envision Rauera to look if he were real. Drawing the Phantoka style Kakama and visor was a bit of a pain to execute, though the result looks decent in my opinion.

And because the MOC I have of Rauera is almost entirely dismantled, I will explain his role in my story so far (with what information I have currently revealed). Sometime between the events of the The GSR’s completion and The League of Six Kingdoms rise to power, Rauera was one of many Matoran active in the construction of The GSR’s interior. However, there was a bug in his AI that resulted in him growing feelings of distaste towards the men who created him, disgusted with the idea that someone had preprogrammed his destiny for him, preventing him from following his own individual dreams. Rauera would eventually abandon his position, becoming a cyborg Toa for reasons yet to be explained. He would wander the universe as a mercenary for hire, picking up fighting skills by watching certain individuals in combat (one of these individuals was Toa Minera, whom had been helping The Hand of Arthaka and Brotherhood of Makuta fight The League). Two years after The Leagues defeat, Rauera would travel to Arthaka, where he would gather intel on The Sons of Necron and provide it to Stoax and Minera.

Rauera is currently on his way to the fortress the Avohkii is being held at, to prevent an attack from The SoN.


this, I like this, the drawing and the associated story

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Great drawing; I especially like the upper torso. And I love the backstory. :smiley:

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Isn’t it usually the other way around where the codename is made to keep the real name classified ?

Whoops, guess your right. I reconfigured the label, removing codename: classified. Instead, his codename is Rauera now.