Toa Rhyla, The Lost (My self moc!) C&C appreciated!

this took way longer then it should have and i do not exaggerate when i say that this took a whole bloody year for me to get round to - but after many changes, bricklink orders and mental breakdowns. it is finally done.
So ye Toa Rhyla everybody!

the hardest part was having her feel unique - yet also in line with the style i build in. i also wanted her to feel like a combination of all my prior mocs and bionicle history - with the build being very similar to chiara’s, the ccbs bits, it all comes together quite nicely in my opinion. the colors also took a while (mostly due to the mata feet on the shins) but i decided to take some inspiration from Wholesome Gudunka’s Kikaiah with the black ‘gloves’ and ‘boots’ if you will. then the silver armour, teal accents and the blue forming the core of the model, even with not as much off it, i still think the blue does still form the base of the color scheme, which im pretty happy with.

whilst i did play around with the weapons a lot, i eventually settled on a trident, with little elbow blades since i liked that idea for her - also a jetpack for some extra propulsion whilst fighting, swimming and cause it looks cool.
i also angled the lower arms at a 90degree angle to give a more unique shaping and better articulation

although the knees cannot bend a full 90 - she can still do squats!

'i dont know who i am or who i want to be anymore…and either way…im gonna lose somone i care about.’

since i just remembered to explain this - whilst her matoran form still keeps the Kaukau, i gave her a faxon here since A. it looks cool, B. in story - she loses her Kaukau and replaces it with a kualsi, which she then reforges the shape off in honor of a dead friend - but she still has the kualsi power (think iruni) and C. The faxon is my favourite mask on her - kaukau wasnt really working for me and the kualsi has my favourite power so ye!

Aaand some fun action poses cause why not

thats all for now - and like i said i am actually quite proud of her but still C&C are always appreciated, toodles!


looks great! I really like how that geometric shield piece works over the shoulder, might steal that if I ever start implementing more system into my builds. never wouldve thought those tentacle pieces would fit on the faxxon so perfectly there, unless thats slightly illegal? the trident looks really slick though


ah thank you very much!
yes sadly the tail-faxon is an illegal connection - you can sort of connect it but im just using some blue-tac to keep it in place!


Oh yeah, looking closer at the side pic that isnt really slotted in there.
though heresy, it still looks pretty good!


The Faxon is a nice mask, and I think the tail piece down the middle gives it more color as well as makes it stand out from other MOCs that use the same mask! I think my only complaint would be the 4 colors. Generally I like fewer colors, so I think dark blue, teal, silver, and black is a bit much. I think taking out the black and silver would be good, but I understand there isn’t much to work with in just dark blue and teal. Overall I think it’s great, the weapon is very slick in my opinion, and the Mata feet on the shins is a unique touch. Good job on her!


thanks so much!
ye the colors did give me a lot of trouble and honestly if i did use spray paint i probably would just remove the silver entirely!
(edit) also just realized i left out photo and repeated myself a little - oops!


neat trident design


Oww nice job Rhyla. I love the shaping on the trident.
The asymetry is also really nice.
Could do with something to cover up the holes in the forearms but I get that it’s tough to do that and not limit articulation.


The use of teal really spices this up. And that trident is awesome!

Also yes, Faxon is Best Mask and Kualsi is Best Power, hands down. =P


@Alucia, @MooCowsRock , @Eilrach
thank you all!
yes the trident is probably my favourite bit as well and i am quite proud of it!

ye i did try that but unfortunatly it didnt really look as good and honestly it does really bother me all that much lol


She looks very good, I still really like the teal you use for her. The torso looks really good as well. Maybe it is the tube+Faxon, but she looks like she could fit in with Toa Mahri revamps.