Toa Rupahu (the other half)

This is the other half of the toa Rupahu. Like Werawera, they are lost to time, unable to make it to the sores of Rupahu.

Paru, toa of earth. He is a pragmatic warrior with a cunning mind. he uses tricks and his limited telekinesis of his kanohi Matatu to throw his enemies off balance, before finding an opening. Outside of battle he was rude and brash, tending push others away. He would of been a disruptive force if he were around in Rupahu. He also would of issued a duel to Roto, to try and establish himself as the top swordsman on the island.

With Paru I wanted to make a knight like toa. I walso wanted to give him a disk throwing arm. I gave him the colors of gray and red because I wanted to evoke the color of soil. This, along with his black elements made him look a bit edgy, especially with the kanohi Matatu which gave him a mean glare. His name, Paru, means dirt or clay in maori, which ties into the soil idea I gave him.

Makimaki, toa of air. A lover of nature, she prefers to act more like a beast than a toa, talking to rahi with her kanohi Rau. if she was around, she would of rather lived near the rahi in the wild than with matoran civilization.

Makmaki design came about because I wanted to use a Mctoran disc throwing arm in a toa build and based the rest of the design around that idea. After I managed to attach the arm like a tail, her design became monkey like which is pretty unique. Her name, Makimaki, means monkey in maori.

Retireti, toa of ice. He has a laid back unconfrontational attitude, content to go with the group on whatever they decide. If he were around, he would of been chill dude who’s into skiing. Although, he may of been more into his hobby than being a toa.

I wanted to make a skier, like Kopaka nuva or ski from slizers. His ski polls are sort of based on Kapaka master of ice from 2015. Also I found that technic beams with and angled bend on the end worked great as skis. His name, Retireti, means ski in maori.

Team shot. Now they look like a full toa team.

Also I gave a sword to Roto, thanks to a suggestion on reddit.
This blue sword from Exoforce really ties her color scheme together.

Slizer leg gang (and a bit of a height comparison).