Toa Sakai

Toa Sakai is a Toa of ice and is on the same Toa team as Toa Maufre

My updates to the moc:

Side view:


The blue armor peices and green head look out of place in my opinion, but otherwise it’s pretty okay. Gud’job

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I agree with that, and also his thighs are too bulky compared to the rest of him and the arms just don’t work. A pre-bent piece on a straight piece almost never works out okay.
But I like the theme and the look overall.

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Thanks for the feedback
I was trying to make use of my Solek pieces

Rule Number 1: Never use Solek for anything.


He has bizarre proportions

I’m currently fixing that

Understandable, but I don’t think Solek’s pieces are good for very much! :smile:

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I made changes if you want to check them out

I’ve always liked any MOC that uses Gelu’s mask.

Some solid concepts here, though it can be made better.

  • Thighs are too bid proportionally. Try bulking up the shoulders. You might also want to create some less lanky more humanoid proportions.
  • Silver and gunmetal on the chest clash. Try keeping the blue and white aesthetic as much as you can.
  • Try touching up your presentation. Embolden section headers and titles. Hyperlink MOCs you reference (like Maufre). Title different versions and post your latest updates at the top of the topic since that’s what people will see first.
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