Toa salanka, assassin of time

I guess this could be salanka v2 since it’s still the same moc

I don’t know why but I just wanted to build a time based moc (despite not having a mask of time.) and this knightish moc came out of it. I also used her becuase I didn’t have enough peices.

The shield clock hand freely moves

Sword can unfold for some kind of clock based hand design and spins.

Shield has a fold out blaster

With tahu and sentinel prime


Very cool. The shield/gun is probably my favorite part, but the colors are everything are pretty great. I love the sword’s function as well.

Not liking the placement of the CCBS pieces, but the esthetic is alright.

huh, interesting. I’m a bit more curious with the whole title “assassin of time”. Does she go around different time periods like a terminator and create paradoxes by killing one specific person? Does she have the power to destroy an entire time line? I’m just interested in this concept. And I can say its nice to see someone not having to use the Vahi for a “toa of time” moc (theres some kind of irony somewhere in that comment).

I like just about everything from the color scheme to the weapons, it’s just so cool. The only thing I don’t really care for is the horn/crown thing, I see what you were going for but I feel it just looks weird.

The head is a little strange

The head build initially reminded me of a samurai helmet.

I love the shield and the crest reminds me of some Pokemon who’s name I forget, or a stag beetle. Also, Titans Return Sentinel Prime I’m just gonna get Astrotrain, but I’m still jealous

It looks solid. I really like the color scheme, super original!

Sentinel was actually the only voyager class the store had; they were cleaned off of transformers. Kinda cracks me up though that they had 10+ laserbeaks.

Currently, my Toys"R"Us only has wave 1, but then my Walmart has all Soundwave’s cassettes.

@decepticonaiden I think you are talking about heracross

Well l, nice moc, alot better than what I thought it might’ve looked like