Toa Sariel

In the far future, battle lines between the scions of the Great Beings have been drawn. Sariel, Toa of Light, is the champion and leader of all who are dedicated to seeing those who would corrupt the sacred protodermic form cast from the stars. Dedicated to the purity of biomechanical form, the Toa has led countless crusades against the forces of the alien and mutant.

Hey all! This is my first topic and the first MOC I’ve built in several years; I just recently got all of my sets back from storage.

I wanted to make a MOC with a custom torso and as much in the way of custom limbs as I could. I also haven’t really used modern constraction pieces in a MOC before so that was a unique experience.

There are some design choices I wasn’t completely satisfied with, but most of those are due to a lack of pieces. I really wish I could have made the wings white or gold, and I go back and forth on whether or not I like the weapons.

Front view with infuriating wing pose asymmetry:



Folded wings, folded arms:

Pay no attention to the dental floss tied to my back:

Thanks for viewing! (And if anyone is concerned, the blurb at the top was inspired more by Warhammer 40K than any actual political or ethical views :P).


Hmm this isn’t a hugely complex remote control technic build =/


Nah, I really like this.
Good job!


It looks ok. Not a big fan of the chest area

looks at my self moc
looks at this


I was expecting this to be Sariel’s self moc. You know, that guy over on Eurobricks that builds very realistic model cars out of technic. Figured he joined the boards :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m not a fan of the Nuva Armor face. I think this would look a ton better with another mask.

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With the Stars piece or just in general?

Just in general.