Toa Sets: The Order Of Lights

After the passing of Mata Nui and Teridax, a new threat rises to resurrect the evil spirit. A new team of toa stand in their way after crashing into their world from another universe. It is these new toa that will defend this universe along with the rest of the multiverse to defeat the remaining multiverse threats.
The Order Of Lights

Jago, Toa of Plasma
Weapon: Plasma Sword & Plasma Launcher

Jago’s Plasma Sword

Hunter, Toa of Speed
Weapons: Thornax Sniper Rifle & Speed Spear

Thornax rifle and Speed Spear

Waroza, Toa of Iron
Weapons: Iron Jaws

Iron Jaws

Achilles, Toa of Electricity (body 1 & 2)
Weapons: Electricity Spear & Electric Shield

Psykan: Toa of Psychics
Weapon: Fire Swords, Fire Shield, FirePack

Glaron: Toa of Light
Weapons: Light Spear & Light Shield

Sorry about the blurry photos. XP


the mocs just look like 2009 sets and i think you need to put more time into them

Uh… These are prettttty bad
Let’s start from the top eh?

For Jago, his colors are all over the place, he’s gappy, and his armor is very very awkward.

Hunter: Once again, awkward armor and very gappy. At least the colors stay a little more constant though

Waroza:… why the green hands? The red arms stick out horribly as well, and those legs are far too gappy and slim.

Achilles: The first one isn’t horrible, although he does look very unfinished. But that second one… I mean, it’s ok, but why does the system suddenly switch? It’s kinda off-putting.

Psykan: I have no idea what I’m looking at, but he just looks like a jumble of parts. Once again, ccbs does not fit well with the rest of the team

But uh, it’s a metru build. Not too much I can say about it besides the torso is too small.


They all feel too basic/generic in terms of their build, and many have color schemes that are all over the place. It’s a shame, considering how much I like some of the ideas behind these guys and their powers/ weapons. Keep trying!

“Psychics”, “Electricity”, and “Speed” aren’t canon elements (technically Psychics and Electricity are, but they’re called Psionics and Lightning, and exclusive to female Matoran).

Jago, Waroza, Psykan, and Glaron don’t even have proper color schemes.
Jago needs to be orange and white to be considered Plasma.
Waroza needs to be silver and burnt orange to be considered Iron.
Psykan needs to be blue and gold to be considered Psionics.
Glaron needs gold and white to be a Toa of Light. He looks like a Toa of Stone just robbed gold armor.
Also, I don’t think he can use a spear too well if his arms bend inwards.

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Gee I sure wish the camera wasn’t shaking when these pics were taken. (Shakes head in diagonal line to see pics better)


Okay, i get what you’re all saying and I’ll take these into account when i get the chance to try to revamp a few of them.

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Yeah colors, simplicity, and blurry photos are the problems. The first one was fine, but after that they started to ho down in quality.