Toa Silvanus - Master of the Forest

General Idea with this one is that I wanted it to look like a bunch of foliage clumped together into some sort of anthropomorphic shape and became this somehow, kind of like natures own Frankenstein's monster. The transparent blue is meant to be water of sorts, kind of like his blood per se (or life force), similar to how trees have a piping system (of sorts). The blue originated from me wanting to make a Toa of green (seeing as their colour scheme is typically green and blue) Credit for the foot design goes to BrickThing. I ended up adapting it a bit, but it fitted so much here I had to use it.


Though the crazy colour distribution is kinda off-putting, the build and amount of detail you put into it is impressive. Try staying with one shade of trans blue, and try not to mix too many different textures together. Put similar textured armor together to make it flow smoothly, because when I first looked at this MOC, I was so overwhelmed by the amount of "stuff" that was slapped on him that my eyes didn't know where to start on this guy.
BTW love the bird on his shoulder


That is amazing. I have nothing bad to say.

Great job!

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Incredible. I really like the randomness on him, it gives him a nice nature vibe. I also like the bird.



D'aaaww! He's got a cutie little bird on his shoulder!

Btw where'd you get the green Vakama Hordika head?

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You get two of it on Karzahni.

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Actually kind of a beautiful MOC. Very artistic

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Looks pretty good for the most part, even as someone who isn't a fan of asymmetry. The blue looks weird, though.

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That is one of the weirdest color schemes I have seen in my life (that isn't an out-an-out rainbow warrior.)

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he blue screws it up for me but its overall pretty good

His crotch is a face


this is my biggest issue