Toa Sterk [2016]

So I have done a few chages to what I would consider my self moc, story wise he would be in the far future of spherus magna, he would also have a rather blunt personality and a somewhat cynical view on life.

Here is a link to more pics


Excellently built! He seems really filled out and cohesive, and his colors are well-distributed. The weapons are great, and I like the choice of mask–it fits very well with the flow of the MOC. I love all the detailing you created with various pieces, and all the different textures meld together well.

Nice job!


I like how he looks like he’s wearing some armor.

He looks awesome, love how cohesive he feels

Pretty BA. Cool build.

GROOVY. Well this is just cool looking. But the arms feel a bit simple compared to the rest of the MOC. But that may just be me.

Not too bad. Nice job

That chest armor design is amazingly cohesive.

I also quite like the color scheme and leg armor.

Nice MOC, very strong-looking, but should probably have a bit more color consistency.

Toa Stark?

I mean he’s red and silver…

…no? Alright I’ll just leave now.

(actually it’s pretty cool but the exoforce arms on the lower torso bug me a bit)

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