Toa Tahu moc

My take on a Tahu moc, he has a jetpack, flamethrower and saw shield. Made it kind of simple.


He looks a little stubby, but otherwise he’s alright.

Also you misspelled Tahu in the title.

Thanks did not see that.

A similar MOC of mine, enjoy!

@Sealman133 Thanks! Yours is still really great too, and I think it would be worth chronicling its evolution through updates, if you care enough to do so.

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Dude really cool, and yours is way more advanced than mine.
Mabey I am working of a version with fire wings, due to my lack of pieces I build scrap build scrap then rebuild, I do like this one though…
@TheWaywardWobbuffet this is one of my favorite Mocs below

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