Toa Tahu

A drawing of my modified Tahu


Looks pretty good and reminds me of the one set I can’t find so I’ll likely have to spend $40 on the internet for. Also, personally I think the arms are too short.

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Which set?

Tahu Uniter of Fire.

The head seems a little small…

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Looks nice, but the head is really small.

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I really dig this.

in my defense the 2016 Hau was pretty hard to draw, but yea compared to the rest of the body it is small

stupid me, of course, sorry mind blank, there are a lot of tahu sets.

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Why double post?

Anyway this looks good. The mask is a bit small.

cause back then I didn’t know how the comment section worked.

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At least you didn’t get caught lol.

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