Toa Taio The Toa of Magma

Taio was a “Mag-Matoran” (a matoran of magma. a cross of a Ta, and Onu- Matoran). years ago it was his job to help thousands of other Mag-matoran build the foundation of the island of Mata Nui over the face of the great spirit. but he died in a tragic accident . the village elder helped bring him back to life. but not in the way they thought they would. he was brought back as i spirit of magma. a armor was created for him and he possessed it and made it his new body.

his weapon is a “magma-spear” it allows him to scoop, and throw magma, the blade is also very sharp, and good for combat.


I’m really fond of how this guy looks. Nice work.

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Pretty alright. Not a fan of the overuse of tires, but as a figure it looks pretty well executed. Also looks like it’d be fun to play with, which is a pro.

Not a fan of how he looks like a Tahu though.
But I guess that’s inescapable with a Hau.


The Moc itself is fine, though your post has MANY grammar errors.

And this is kinda uncreative. all of the primary elements have their prefix named after the Toa’s names, and their names are basically something related to the elements in Maori Tahu = burn.
And the Secondary elements are named after other things such as lightning’s prefix is Vo as in volt, a more clever prefix for magma would be something like “Mo” for molten, or “Ob” for Obsidian which is created when magma quickly cools, heck in Maori magma is “rokarewa” so you could use “To” and lava is “rangitoto” so you can use “Ra”

well I hope these suggestions helped you.

i see what you mean about the Hau.hmm maybe i should make a custom mask ^^

This is a very solid MOC! I can’t really think of any glaring issues. One thing that I think you should try is the Uniter Hau might look better on this MOC as it has the sliver on the “hair” so it might match the color-scheme better.

That Piraka armor piece on his chest kinda throws off the consistency of the smooth textures, but nice MOC otherwise.

Could use a little work, but it’s good looking.

That looks pretty good, dude. I love your design choices.

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With all the wheels on him, I half expect him to transform into a truck.

I really like him, his weapon is awesome, even though it kinda breaks the color scheme. I very much appreciate that he looks good from back as well. I dont thing that these colors bring up the magma thoug. I would rather imagine a combination of black, dark grey, metru red and trans orange for a toa of Magma. i am not strictly against illegal techniques or anything, i use them myself. but the connection on those arms really bugs me. It seems to put so much stress on the part.

Very nice. Good and compact. Not sure how I feel about the forearms though.

A simple yet amazing looking set. Aside of some nitpicks(i.e. the blue pins in the third picture) you did a great job.

cool tires!! :+1:

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