Toa Takanuva, The Kingdom's Founder.

Toa Takanuva, The Kingdom’s Founder.

In a world where Matoro has not fulfilled his destiny, a new hope is needed to guide the destiny of the matoran in a dead world being slowly swallowed by darkness.

The guardian of metru nui is ready to light this new path. Uniting all beings of the Matoran Universe, he creates the Kingdom!

To protect the Kingdom, he uses his powers of light to create barriers of light to stop the advance of darkness in the kingdom. And as the last act as Toa, he brings together 6 brave matorans. A new world needs new heroes!

About this set, I wanted it to be something with a noble look. So, I used gold pearl parts for Takanuva’s armor of light. I assumed that in the lore, either the takanuva had not suffered the attack of the leeches or that he had already cured his twilight condition, since in the lore of that universe only the powers of light of the Toa are mentioned.


Extremely gold.

The angle of the upper arms makes it feel like a metru torso build, even though it isn’t. The gold is fairly well balanced throughout, although the parts on his feet and torso/shoulders do stand out a bit due to their size and less shapely placement.

Overall though, nicely done!


looks really nice!
i love torso


The custom mask, spear, and gold torso pieces give him a G2 vibes, that’s not disturbing on him, and can fit very well with his lore

And it gives me the need to change my toas anatomy right now…


those are perpendicuIar spIits for his shouIders, right? i don’t think they came in white?


They don’t. Just looking at the colour difference though I think it might be 3D printed like the mask.


That Avohkii :flushed: :fire: :clap::star_struck: