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Brief Warning This Is Quite Along Post And Will Take A While To Read In Full If You Just Want The Pictures I Will Upload Them To Flicker Soon

Ok I’m starting a new universe but more info on that later. This toa team are the best in this universe as they are literally the four archangels and they serve to protect not only their respective elements but also the Gods and Daemon Lords themselves.

So let’s start with

Angel Uriel Toa of soul

Angel Uriel is the leader of the Archangels and is the toa of soul. Now before becoming an angel uriel used to be a normal Adraxian fighter who would take on fights to make money like any other Adraxian fighter but one day he was given the chance to fight someone he couldn’t refuse the current ruler of Adraxia Daemon Lord of soul Zaitus needles to say that Uriel lost the fight almost immediately by having his right arm and his head disintegrated by Zaitus however the Daemon Lord resurrected Uriel then gave him his kanohi then said “try again” in which uriel proceeded to triumph over Zaitus with only one arm and an anchor he found on the floor left from a previous fight in the arena.
Much to his pleasure zaitus let Uriel keep the mask and gain even more power on one condition he became the second archangel and so uriel agreed and gained a seemingly unlimited amount of power as the kanohi granted him control over soul and changed its allegiance to uriel and Uriel has been an archangel ever since. then he was given an angel spirit when he became the leader of the archangels
Once his role as an angel is complete he will take the place of Zaitus and become the new Daemon Lord of soul.

Uriel’s Theme: Deku Palace - Rozen Topic

Uriel’s Battle Theme: The Fallen King (Undertale OST Bergentrückung + ASGORE Remix)

Wow that was a long one now onto

Angel Michael Toa of rage

Angel Michael is Uriel’s second in command I guess you could say and is the toa of rage. Before becoming an angel Michael was a Fire Knight on the planet of Gratar and served the noble count Oleg a very important man in the Gratar union council the current ruler being The Goddess of rage Malescula who was currently on the look out for a great warrior, so Count Oleg took it upon himself to introduce Michael to her in which she replied “prove that you are worthy fight me” in which Michael agreed not knowing what he was about to endure the timid knight lunged to ward the Goddess then collapsed on the floor now missing his forearms Malescula turned around and gave him her mask and said try again to which the knight rose now with a fiery fury and from his wounds where his arms had once been burst a fountain of fire with these new arms Michael once again lunged for the goddess this time punching a hole right through her. Much to her pleasure she told Michael that he had passed her test and that he could keep that mask on one condition that he became the fourth archangel and so he accepted and was granted immense power and anger from the all powerful kanohi. He has been an archangel ever since and was given an angel spirit when uriel had appointed him second in command.

Michael’s Theme: GERUDO VALLEY UNPLUGGED - Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time (Acoustic Cover)

Michael’s Battle Theme: Masked Dedede Remix - Kirby Triple Deluxe - RetroSpecter

Now onto

Angel Gabriel Toa of time

Although Gabriel is no longer the leader of the Archangels he is still the most powerful. But before Angel Gabriel became an archangel he was a glatorian swords man who never lost a fight some spectators of his fight said it was as if time moved faster for him than everyone else and they were right because from birth Gabriel and his twin brother Raphael were bestowed two ancient gauntlets that have possibly existed longer than the Gods and Daemon Lords themselves each gauntlet had immense power but in two completely different elements time and shadow they were given these gauntlets because they were demigods (god parent Satamis) however Raphael was told about this by their father much before Gabriel found out for the fact that Gabriel only found out after Raphael became an archangel and told him about it. Gabriel’s gauntlet was the one that harnessed time but with each use it aged him drastically however it made him immune to the effects of ageing (he cant die from old age but his appearance and physical body to still age like anyone else hence the reason he is hunched over and is pretty much just bone at this point) he could use the gauntlet to speed up his relative time so he could move faster and have the upper hand in his fights and then the day came when the current ruler of spheres magna and the gods Zorenso the God of time came to challenge Gabriel to which Gabriel accepted and proceeded to almost kill Zorenso until the God decided to use his true strength and age Gabriel to that of one of the gods but to no avail Zorenso was incredibly impressed and reversed his effect on Gabriel then bestowed his kanohi unto Gabriel and said “you are now an archangel my chosen protector of the gods do you accept this task” to which Gabriel accepted and became the first archangel and proceeded to train uriel to be his predecessor as the leader.

Gabriel’s Theme: Ralsei’s Lullaby - maybemochas

Gabriel’s Battle Theme: But The Earth Was Determined. (Battle Against a True Hero Remix)

Wow these are really long aren’t they well any way now onto

Angle Raphael toa of shadow

Before Raphael became an archangel he was a glatorian swords man just like his brother Gabriel who never lost a fight except for when he fought Gabriel he could never win some people said the manner in which Raphael would fight is more horrific than any daemon ever seen. Much like Gabriel Raphael had also been bestowed one of the ancient gauntlets however instead of using the element of time his used the power of shadows and void. One day Raphael had been on a viscous winning streak to the point where the gods had invited all the current spectators and remaining fighters into scalla ad caelum to host the fight themselves all the gods and Daemon Lords were present to watch Raphael fight against angels and Daemon until the current ruler of Gehenna and the Daemon Lords, Satamis Daemon Lord of Shadows he would fight and proceeded to battle against Raphael it was a completely even fight and it ended in a stalemate
to which a pleased Satamis gave his kanohi to Raphael and made him an archangel without asking. Satamis proceeded to tell Raphael that he was his father and that he would surpass the power of Gabriel and resurrect satanas his great great great etc. grandfather and that they shall reclaim there rule over everything and everyone. Raphael became the 3rd archangel and refuses to were his fathers kanohi.

Raphael’s Theme: Kingdom Hearts - End of the World

Raphael’s Battle Theme: Kingdom Hearts - Destati


Wow finally done with all their backstories (well a brief overview of them at least) now for some action photos and a few tid bits like close ups of certain parts of the mics that I liked, was interesting, has story influence or had interesting details I thought I would share.


Oh yeah a little quirk Uriel has is that after having his right arm destroyed he used his new power to grow a new one an extra from this is he can shape ■■■■■ his arm he normally uses this to make his big arm which can also have a gold blade extend from it mad from the gold in his fingers if you have any questions about this just ask and ill explain it.

A close up of said arm.


The Void Gauntlet and the Mune Blade

Raphael and Michael sparing/training


The Gauntlet Of Time

“You There! I Challenge You To A Duel!”


He didn’t kill a real person that’s just a practice dummy that will get its own post eventually


That’s it for all the extras but now we’re moving onto…


Disclosure! Must Be Read!

Yes i am going to show you the frames and i will upload a how to build post later however if you happen to use my frame you must give me credit somewhere on the post and label witch frame you used kind of like the #bignicle tag for the bignicle frame. Now with that over with please enjoy.

The Gorilla.V1 frame

The Sage.Mk1 frame

The Sage.Mk2 frame

These frames (sage.mk1 and sage.mk2) are effectively the same however the difference between these two frames is just very subtle and minute.

The Geezer frame

This is by far my favourite frame mainly because i’ve been trying to make a good looking hunched back frame for ages and now i have managed to make one that i’m really proud of all because i found that white foot piece i actually designed the frame around that really common arm design so there’s a little fun fact about the geezer frame.

and thats all from this post guys hope you liked it and ill catch y’all later


I really like their upper torsos’, but when I look at the lower half of the body and legs, it all falls apart. Maybe keep the scale and proportions better?


Thanks for letting me know ill see what improvements i can make on the current design.

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