Toa Team - By Sidorak

Pls help me! I don't know a fitting name for my Toa team smiley

They're just some random Toa, and their goal is to stop Teridax, and free the Matoran Universe, but they end up helping the evacuation of the Mata-Nui robot.


Might I ask what type of Toa these guys are? It looks like Stone, Magnetism, and Iron to me, but I wanna make sure I'm right. wink

As far as names go, maybe the Toa Agni? (Toa of Great Bravery)

There you go:

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Ah. I see. I like the cyborg look that Rast has. The color schemes are a bit off from canon, but hey, there's no Toa of Ash in canon either. wink

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I also have cyborg pirakas, they've been wounded, but Rast with his engineering skill "patched" 'em up!
They're "formerly" members of the Team too.

They remind of Guardians of galaxy team smiley

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Does "Toa Reharo" work?

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Hmm... Maybe Toa Ryhaka... Thanks for the inspiraton! smile


Well I name my Self-MOC's Toa Team after their enemy. Maybe Toa Teridax? If sounds evil, I'd recommend either the Toa Nui, or the Toa Rast, after their team leader.

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