Toa Terag

Toa Terag is a selfmoc that I completed a while back. I wanted him to be fairly unique and that led to me choosing strange proportions but I was happy with them because of how outlandish and cartoonish they were.

More images here


I love him, so much character and interesting details everywhere

That arm design is totally awesome, proper getting a Big O vibe off them. Really great Creation. WD :+1:

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@Jayfa Thanks, I really wanted him to be unlike any other selfmocs out there.

@Boxxer Thanks, when I posted it on reddit (where i usually post) somebody said the same thing.

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now, where have i seen those forearms before…?

anyways, not bad.


As others have said, big-O, that said I absolutely love this, though it really needs thumbs.


Wow. This is fantastic. I love the arms.

Very cartoony, but it gives the MOC personality that wouldn’t normally be seen in a Toa.
The arms are definitely the best part of the MOC.

By the way, what kind of Toa is he?

The arms do give that certain uniqueness. At first I called him the Toa of Radiation but I’m not really sure anymore as I feel it might be too broad.

This looks pretty cool man. The only nitpick about it is that the cheese slopes on the arms aren’t also gray.

I enjoy the amount of personality that reflects through this MOCs design and proportions. The lower arms especially have a nice look.

Interesting torso design.

The cartoonish proportions really does work in favour of Terag’s design, it helps give him character. I enjoy his overall appearance and build.

Wow! I really like him! What element is he? Iron, Magnetism?

Those Mixel eyes on his calves tho…