Toa Tikisaurus's MOCs

Here is where I will post some MOCs that I made.
First up, is this car vehicle I made to transport my Clone Trooper minifigs around.

The front canopy thing and the two side doors can be opened up to see the minifigs inside.

The top of the vehicle can be removed and reveals my small army of troopers.

There are also these random holes in the back that I didn’t bother filling in. I guess they are kinda like back doors or something.

And my second creation is this drop ship for carrying around my Stormtroopers.

The wings open up to reveal the minifigs inside. The front canopy thing also opens to reveal the driver.

And then the two vehicles can combine together to form the Super Amazing Ultimate All Terrain Awesome Destructo Vehicle Of Doom!!!

Critique and criticism is welcomed!


Why is C3P-O on a speeder with a shovel?


You never noticed him…

He’s on the run from the Empire for committing a crime!


The shovel makes me wonder what he did now…


I almost forgot! The back of the drop ship can open up as well.

It reveals a small custom repair droid that I built.


these vehicles

are lovely

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These are really good MOCs!

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these are pretty cool troop transports, I love it

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They remind me a lot of some of my old System MOCs.

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Thanks! :smile:

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Some minor updates to both vehicles.

Also I decided to make a random castle for Halloween, cause what could be a more spooky thing than a castle?

Its got a drawbridge!

And no spooky castle is complete without a trapdoor!

Or a throne with wings!!!

And so, many random Chima characters have decided to party at a random castle.

There I sit, as the king of this random spooky castle.

Have a spooky Hallow’s Eve!


I found some of my very first Bionicle MOCs. They have very original names like Monkey Man and Piraka dude. I’ll let you guess which one is which.

There are also upgraded super forms for both of them. These super forms have even better names like golden Monkey Man and Energized Piraka dude.

I made these guys way back in 2010 when the Stars first came out.

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