Toa Tiro of Stone


Tiro was a Po-Matoran in the southwestern region of the southern continent. This region was primarily inhabited by Matoran of the Stone and Earth variety. The badlands in which Tiro’s village was positioned were most frequently decorated by alternating layers of white and beige stone, and the wildlife, although sparse, was immensely dangerous. As such, the surface-dwelling Po-Matoran adopted a white and beige color scheme for their armor, so as to blend in with their environment.

Tiro became a Toa in the early years of the Matoran universe. A contemporary of Helryx and Jovan, Tiro protected the Matoran vigilantly, even adopting black and reflective metallic elements into his armor to more effectively draw attention away from the villagers. This later became a tradition amongst Toa from the region. He was briefly enlisted in the Hand of Artakha before that organization’s dissolution.

Tiro would eventually leave his home and wander the universe, offering his assistance to whomever might have use for it. He was a participant in most major conflicts in the Matoran universe, including the Toa-Dark Hunter War and the Destiny War. He fought beside the Brotherhood of Makuta against the Barraki’s armies, and alongside Dark Hunters in their war against the Brotherhood. Over the years, he would become friends with the likes of Lesovikk, the Toa Xia, and Toa Dume, within whom’s team Tiro would gain status as an honorary member.

After the rebellion against Teridax’ reign, and with the conclusion of the Battle of Bara Magna, Tiro is currently working with Malum to facilitate the establishment of an environment in which the Vorox population can once again thrive.

Abilities and Traits

Tiro is a seasoned Toa of Stone, having fully mastered control over his element with millennia of practice. He is generally an easy-going sort, preferring to get along with others rather than disagree over minor differences in opinion. Although he is an experienced and formidable combatant, Tiro most frequently lends his talents as a crafter, assisting villages and settlements with construction and other projects in order to better their quality of life.

Tiro prefers a simple approach to tools and weapons, minimizing his dependence on external power as much as possible. Nonetheless, he ensures he is well equipped; his stonecutter sword is as much a shield as it is an offensive weapon, and utilizes shrinking Kanoka technology for compact storage. He carries two shoulder-mounted miniaturized Cordak blasters, equipped with telepathic triggers and automatic reload. These were customized for their compactness, a unique design accessable through his connection to the Toa Xia. He also wears a set of close-fit protosteel gauntlets, to protect the hands he so often fights and builds with. He wears a great Kanohi Pakari, the Mask of Strength.

Despite his proficiency with and broad selection of weapons technology, Tiro prefers using his natural strength and elemental power, deliberately equipping himself with tools that compliment his existing abilities. As such, he is never at a deficit should these resources become ineffective.

Set Information

Tiro’s design began out of a desire to make a beige Toa in the style of a Toa Metru. White was selected as a secondary color, in order to keep the bright color scheme consistent, and pearl gold armor was selected as it did not vary too much in tone from the beige components. While the black Pakari was initially selected as a placeholder, it ended up complimenting the black elements fairly well, and such an unorthodox and diverse color scheme provided the inspiration for what I feel is a unique and personal backstory.

I opted to utilize the gearbox function, as at the time I was actively displeased with the gradual divergence of the canister sets from the Technic function, and wanted to return to the one design feature that most indicated these were mechanical beings. The large Sidorak gear (as I’ve always known it) on his back was a symbolic way to showcase this element, immediately identifying him as a powerful mechanoid. The small gaps in his chest, revealing his gearbox, also serves this purpose.

For his Cordak missile launchers, I implemented the flick rockets from the Hailfire Droid Star Wars set, although they sit very close to his arm and are very difficult to launch. It’s really more of a visual representation, with homage to an old set I had a soft spot for.

Tiro originally did not have a melee weapon, but I was toying with some pieces one day and this sword design caught my interest. It’s simple, which is a good reflection of his character, and pays respects to both the nostalgia of the '01-'02 era, as well as the later years of G1, particularly to iconic Glatorian like Ackar and Mata Nui. It’s also a good visual counterweight to his black elements, particularly his mask.

The ONLY thing I would change about this MoC is the hands. While I prefer to use basic sockets as hands (I’m something of a purist, myself), the fists lend themselves to both his slight bulk and to the idea of his wearing gauntlets in story. However, I would rather have the three-fingered Glatorian hands in white, rather than the four-fingered Hero Factory hands. Something about them seems… alien.

Otherwise, I’m pretty satisfied with this design. I don’t like going for complex builds or ground-breaking innovations. I enjoy a simple MoC, with personality occupying the details rather than the structure itself. A good old-fashioned Metru build and a classic Kanohi are my meat and potatoes, and Tiro was my GrubHub driver.

In retrospect, this was pretty verbose. I’m more accustomed to telling stories than making MoCs… my bad.

At any rate, spill your beans below.


ooo very nice, i love the white and tan!


The moc is cool, but the lighting kinda makes it hard to see the colour scheme.

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Yeah, my lighting is atrocious. I’ll try to take advantage of the sunlight today and update the photos.

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ooh the color scheme is quite interesting, and I like how it goes with his backstory. nice job

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Thanks guys, I appreciate your compliments

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Yah, this guy can do some damage

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