Toa Tuyet (duckbricks fanon contest)

Heres my entry for the Duckbricks fanon contest. Having never participated in something like this before I’m excited to share for the first time with the community and get feedback on what works and what needs improvement.
I do have a trans-opal-blue Mask of Intangibility on order but wanted to have my moc posted early on the off chance there is an issue with shipping.

This features a completely custom build that I made with the metru torso specifically in mind. I mounted the arms higher than on the metru build but felt the small loss of length was worth it.

Compared to a standard metru build.

Additional shots. I liked the build enough to make 3! Perhaps Tuyets original team?
I guess this is more of a main universe Tuyet, but I have no specifics in mind for her.

I’ll close with some breakdown shots. Thanks for getting to the end.

If anyone wants/needs more detailed instructions I can easily make them.


ooo very cool!


Nice moc! The torso and sword design both look pretty good.


This might be my favorite Tuyet so far!

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The moc itself is pretty much standard fare with Tuyets, but the sword brings something relatively interesting to the table.

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What is your opinion on the red? I did some digging and found those claw/tooth pieces in black. Not sure if it’s worth switching out.

Do you have any of the red spikes in silver?

Unfortunately I do not. Heres what I cooked up with the black.


that looks way better!
very sinister


Nice torso build, definitely makes it harder to tell it’s a hordika torso piece