Toa Tuyet: Mangai of Water (Fanon Contest #1)

The proper entry is here but I wanted to spread out my entry to here as well.

With that being said, here is Toa Tuyet, holder of many titles, such as Toa of Water, Tyrant, Traitor, you know the drill.

So here’s just a little info about my thought process while making this MOC.

A common thing I see with most Tuyet Mocs is that they depict her as this bulky, armoured menace. For my entry, I wanted to give her a more sleek but still menacing appearance that didn’t focus too much on things like the Nui Stone. By giving her a more “feminine” physic, She looks like an average Toa. She looks like she’s pretty harmless when you look past the spikes and the dark colours (boy wonder what that eludes to)

Here’s a breakdown of a few of her key features.

The Skirt was my favourite part to make.

The custom parts used, belong to Hermaeus_Jackson who did the sword. (Link here And SpecterL’s Mask of Intangibility made by Rothanak (Link Here Both creators gave permission to use these models.

The Paint I used (or would use) to paint the non-dark pearl pieces (such as the chest armour and shin guards) was a Rust-Oleum brand spray paint in Dark Grey as it was the closest I could get to the right colour.

Here’s a physical version of the Moc that I forgot to spray paint, just to show that it is buildable IRL

Anywho, this has been my Tuyet entry for DuckBrick’s Fanon Contest, hope you guys like it and I look forward to seeing your votes.


Prelim Round 7/10: Toa Tuyet Fanon Contest The polls are open, she’s entry 13 if you want to give her a vote!


Semifinals Round 2/2: Toa Tuyet Fanon Contest We’re in the Semi-finals! She’s entry 7 if you’re going to continue her support!


I like the inclusion of a skirt, it makes it stand out from other Tuyets.


oo wow this looks very cool
i love da skirt!

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Ah this looks good, I like the armoring. Nice moc

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Really nice design. Simple enough to be a Toa. I do like the mask choice.

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Okay this is instantly a favourite for me, hands down. Love the skirt, love the bell bottoms, love the added poseability and finally I love the mask…I hate the predator lookin’ one that is trendy elsewhere.

So uh yeah, nice Moc! Would I be allowed to try draw it?

Also there’s another local contest here that you can enter if you want, @Ghid is running it and I think there’s like a ten buck voucher for the prize??


Wow! This is a great build. The blown-up part pieces are super useful too.

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I haven’t seen that mask choice before, but it definitely fits the build. The skirt is really cute too, but it still works for Tuyet as a Toa.

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Oh absolutely you can draw them! Thank you so much for the kind words!!