Toa Tuyet Mangai, the fatal lady (Community Fanon Contest #1)

She, whose story started well, continued darkly and then was a mess of all that parallel universes stuff. In this MOC I tried to depict Tuyet from the
main universe, because I think it would be the one released by Lego, if it was released at all.

(Contest hosts, I would like the picture below to be used in polls, please)

All poses on pics should be possible for the real figure as those poses do not result in overlapping pieces. Checked everything personally.

Some of concepts for that MOC:

  • Since heels are a thing in Bionicle (looking at you, Roodaka), I thought that there is no more fitting character than Tuyet to wear them. From there, the elegance and deadliness became my main ideas for her - “fatal lady”.
  • The “skirt” design was lying there for almost 1.5 years, was originally made for Varian, but then I thought it fits within the previous concept too well. Instantly, I wanted to use the same piece for the shoulders for the consistency of texture.
  • Originally, I wanted the sword to be quite bulky, but while I was playing with the pieces, I eventually came up with a more elegant design, and that’s that.
  • As means of consistency with Lhikan, I used the Metru torso and very similar Black color distribution, but metal color is placed a bit differently, as a nod to Toa Mangai’s various origins.

Not that she always looks absolutely evil, though.

Here are some stats (accroding to Studio):

  • Piece count: 139.
  • Painted pieces: 8 in Dark Blue, 7 in Gunmetal, 13 in Black (11 are rather optional, being connectors/pins), 4 in Flat Silver + the Kanohi.
  • Height: 25 studs (without Kanohi). For comparision, Lhikan’s height is also 25 studs (without Kanohi).

The two sides of the “skirt” have two axes of movement each, so that it does not restrict the legs movement too much, the poses on the pics are pretty much the limits of it (note that I did not test it with physical parts, but I did my best with the digital ones). She has the standard Metru torso gear fuction, which is easily blockable/adjustable using 3 more pieces:

What I always try to do is to capture the personality of the Character in the MOC. I certainly feel the sense of danger from some of these pics, hope I see it too.

Breakdown pics

Studio file and 3D model for the Kanohi: Toa Tuyet - Google Drive
This MOC’s aethstetic wouldn’t be as cool without the awesome design for the Mask of Intagibility by KhingK.

That’s pretty much it. Tuyet isn’t one of my favorite Bionicle Characters, but I tried to put some soul into the MOC, hope you like it, criticizm, comments and questions are greatly appreciated!

I wish luck to other contestants, and let the best Toa Tuyet win!
Hail the Canonikhm ahem, yeah.
Hail the Fanon Contests!


The sword is really good, i’d dare say that it’s the highlight of the moc


very cool - sword and skirt are the highlights!!


ah this looks nice. The sword design is pretty cool and the skirt is good.


That’s a really nice barbed broadsword design!

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