Toa Tuyet the Empress: Fanon Contest Entry

Here is my Toa Tuyet for Fanon contest:
Entry Pic

Poses and other angles

Parts and Break down

Thanks all I just did the instructions for the portion that is not obvious connection, but if more are needed I happy to post them.


Looks pretty good, I definitely like the silver and the sand blue usage.
The sword is neat as well


thanks, I am not looking forward to doing the break down for my Mawrendar… the arms and legs are pretty straightforward, but the chest and head are gonna be annoying to photograph for building.

She is probably the weakest/most basic of my three intended entries, but is a good test run for me for future canon contests

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It makes for a nice change of pace to get a Tuyet whos overall color pallet isn’t on the darker side.


I love that sword design, though Im not a huge fan of the rest of the moc, as it feels a bit over detailed

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Thank you I didnt want her over saturated with dark as she was a toa hero and so to me makes since shes is more or less normal colors shes just evil, in a way.

please elaborate your meaning? I assume you are referring to the extra armoring or maybe the red accents, the red is to represent the bits of the Nui Stone that are now imbedded in her armor.

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its mostly the armor Im talking about, especially the shoulder armor combined with the greebles of the piraka thighs and vahki legs

I can understand that. Well just see how things pan out when the time comes. You should have seen my original Zaria… lol

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Nice sword

You could replicate the moc in instead


I shall have to become familiar with that program by then

She is a spiky girl. i like that sword, very cool.


Yeah, I kinda dig this one. It feels appropriately complex for a titan-build Toa. I could see this as a hydraxon or Nocturn tier titan set in terms of pricing.

I also really like the sword and shoulder armor; most of the BBs I see look indistinctive, but this one has a real interesting design.

Only issue I might have is that the torso looks a bit … idk, much? over designed? Heavy? I’m not sure what it is. Maybe there’s too much silver? Maybe it doesn’t flow with the rest of the design? Idk, it’s not a bad torso, it just feels sorta off compared to the rest of the moc. However, I really like the use of the Piraka foot on the back, it gives her a really cool profile. Gl, bro!