Toa Tuyet- the mislead Tyrant-- Update: Toa Empire Armor

I build a Tuyet recently and wanted to share her.


Really like her. The touches of purple and that head design are very nice. My only constructive feed back would be around the waist not a hug fan of the rubber band holding the krana on the blue band just looks odd to me


The purple looks a little odd to me, but it’s pretty solid MOC anyway.

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When a Ta-Matoran is killed in Metru Nui, Lhikan and Nidhiki must search for the purple-traitor.


Yeah the rubber band will get changed in color when i can.
(Or do you mean that i should remove the krana)

Ok thank you. I thought the purple would make her more unique. And it is kinda a reference to the Gahlok Krana when its in active. But i can see that it may look odd.

Thank you.

Would have put them in the shot with the dead matoran too, but I dont have Likhan.

I’d remove the band set up all together and look into another dark pearl gray part for that section. it to me just messes with the shapping you’ve achieved

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Ok thanks will try to look into that. What piece would you recommend? Ccbs shells?

This is a really great Tuyet! I love the purple on her.

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Thank you

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Purple, gunmetal, and metru blue make for a fantastic color scheme in my opinion!

Awesome MOC!

But she’s missing the Nui Stone though…

or I’m blind and didn’t look properly


Thank you. Ive got the Nui stone build but just didnt have it with me when making the pictures

I don’t think I’ve seen Tuyet with purple before, it’s definitely unique. The Krika claw piece is the perfect fit for her sword, though.


Thank you. Yeah the purple is something I too never saw before. Yeah the krika piece really fits

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Update: Now with Toa Empire Armor and the Nuistone. And even a base!


You’ve built a monstrosity, but in a good way. The purple works surprisingly well.

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Now that I look at it, the purple does work well with the dark blue.

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Tuyet is my favorite character in the entire franchise, and I like your rendition of her.


@Winger,@Rukah @MooCowsRock Thank all of you

Nice same for me too

Cool thanks

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REALLY good.I love the “cloth” part you added!

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Thank you very much

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