Toa Tuyet - WIP

Here is my wip on Toa Tuyet. I plan on painting my Tuyet so I decided to photoshop what I plan on doing which is painting the sword silver and the armor gunmetal. I do not intend on having the Olmak be permanent. If I should move this to another part of the message boards please let me know.


Looks cool!! but the Olmak is too big…


It is too big indeed. I intend on using the mask that RSG made. It looks like a knight.


what is that thing in his other hand?

The Nui Stone. The design is from Diebeq5b but I want to make my own version that is more like a crystal that can hopefully be placed in front of the chest. The sword was made by Vahki6.


OK! Now I understand! I made some kinds of stones to my MOCS too!

From the head down, she looks great. I really wish we had gotten an official appearance for Tuyet, but that’s fine. I like Metru build, which is most likely what she’d be. As Antroz said, the Olmak is much too large, but I see you intend on changing that. Good job!


I’m considering using this one but idk yet


Looks cool, but if G3’s taught me anything about @Oomatu, it’s that he makes everything look cool.

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Tuyet Screams Im evil… hrmmm Snicker snicker

I don’t know why but Metru builds are so satisfying to me. They make MOCs feel so… canon, in a weird way. Nice job!


Is it on Shapeways?

The mask is not on shapeways yet. I have seen what it looks like though. It could be better but I think that the face is alright aside from the top.