Toa Ultima, part 14: Saigon, toa of light

Yep, I’ve decided I’m finally gonna finish off this series. Most of the other toa from this group have long been taken apart, however I kept these last two (yes two, I’ll post the last one later) together, just in case I ever decided to finish this series. And, well, here we are. If you wanna know what this was, here’s the very first topic from… oh gosh, nearly FOUR YEARS AGO! Toa Ultima, part one: Ragnar, toa of air anyway, enjoy I guess.

Obviously, this was built around the same time as most of the other toa Ultima, so the design is very old and not my greatest work. And now to go take this guy apart, never to be rebuilt!

And as usual, since there’s one more to be posted, I figured I’d just pay a silhouette, for old times sake.

Later y’all


Nice! That’s a clean color scheme and the mask shoulderpads look great. I like builds that aren’t overly complicated, and this one is a great example.


The glowy hands are an interesting design choice which I feel could’ve been expanded on throughout the rest of the build, but overall the presentation isn’t bad. Quite simple ofc, but I suspect the pieces will go on to be used in a bigger and better creation.


It’s funny you say that, because I’m pretty sure i used to have a “powered up” or “enraged” version of the character where I added a bunch more trans orange pieces, including the trans orange Tahu mask I believe. Obviously, I don’t remember how to make that build anymore, otherwise I would’ve included it. Thanks for the feedback!

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