Toa Uxar

Here is my Moc toa Uxar he has a moc pages Page and a youtube video

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You accidentally placed the photo inside of the video URL. You may want to change that.

Moved categories.

Well that is nice to know thanks i am new to the site thanks

You might want to change the catagory. Mocs go under Lego Creations.

How do i change it tho?

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Looks nice.

See that little pencil on the bottom? Just click it, and it will enable you to edit the topic. You can also do this with posts you make. :slight_smile:

Thanks and i figured out how to fix it yay

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No problem. :relaxed:

Looks good, gold is kinda out of place and distracting, good moc overall, might not more transgreen, maybe yellow and the creature head

This is a overall good moc

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You know, this didn’t scream jungle. But, if you raplaced some silver with green, change that middle add-on to sliver, added some vines, and some metallic vibes, this would look like an awesome robot.

Thanks for the Advice i didn’t use much green because i didn’t have very much and because my 2 trans green peices are on my self moc