Toa Valia (September 2015 Update)

Toa Valia (September 2015 Update)

This is Toa Valia, the resident Toa of Light in my line of characters as well as my sister's self-MOC. It only makes sense that her element be Light, because my real life sister is so happy all the time that she makes my life that much brighter.


hmm, looks pretty cool. good work smile


On to the review:

The Gunmetal is odd looking, and I'm not a fan of the hair. Otherwise, it's great.



Hmm, you might be able to make her more feminine, and I say drop the keetorange and add more yellow.

There's a mix of a lot of colors and metals on this one. It gets a 7/10.

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I know. You have no idea how much the keetorange bothers me...
I am (hopefully) a month and a half away from replacing the keetorange with yellow, though. Let's hope!



On to my review
I'm a sucker for organic masks 9/10 great work also that nice little story made me give you 3 more points than i should have

Okay, I like the Iden a lot.

but I really think it kinda hurts this MOC.


What's wrong with the Iden, everybody? anguished

Well it's that the Iden Inika masks don't really work on female characters. At all.

Problem is that the head doesn't work without it. And the Inika masks are ok.
Besides that, the Iden is kind of my sister's staple. Even my real life sister likes the mask. So it stays. Sorry folks.

MOC: 6/10
Description: 10/10 3adorable5me

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