Toa Varian (Ver.Senit)

Mask: Inorganic Kanohi Calix- Mask of Fate → made by Khingk
Weapon: Elbow blades → doesn’t fit the rest of the gold, as it is a weapon
(shield not pictured)


nice! some of the poses are a wee bit strange, but a good
job overall.
that arm connection for the shoulders seems a lil’ sus to me though.


Thank you very much.

In what way?

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Nice moc!
Is the brown guy supposed to be any specific character?

it’s a very common technique. While it does stress the parts slightly, it’s more or less secure.

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Thank you

A Toa version of Ahkmou

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Very nice looking but I think it needs more gold

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Yeah. I will add some more small bits, but they would most likely be pearl gold.

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Is that a JoJo reference?


It’s possible


but i see no big colourful bows…
EDIT: you said it was a jojo reference.
but id doesn’t have anything to do with jojo siwa.

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So she’s basically the bionicle version of antman

No in the picture she just wears the mask of Norik.

Ah ok. It’s about a different Jojo.