Toa Veneras


Toa of Ice

In these two toa, Veneras and Xerrand, I added armor and size to the metru build, while also trying to fix the basic problems associated with it:
Lack of vertical should articulation, awkward and gappy neck positions, and small feet.

Toa of Justice
Note the head of the slain rahkshi on his shoulder

Veneras and his brother Xerrand

Close up of V


Veneras looks quite good, except the mask doesn't have a lot of silver to go with it, and the Rahkshi head just sticks out there too much.

I'm not really a fan of Xerrand, he's not terrible, but he's got a lot of colors.

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You're right, I need to fix Veneras' arms. I'll probably do away with the rahkshi head.
As for xerrand, appreciate the feedback. Looking for pices to replace the colors.