Toa Vihagu Updates/Photo dump

So I did make updates to my Toa Vihagu MOCs (something I don’t normally do.) Although some of the updates are substantial enough to warrant their own topics, I think I’ll end up posting them all here, over the course of the next week or two.

First up, Mokatu, the Wind Catcher, Master of Air. First one I updated. His primary change is in the design of his bow and arrows, but he also has updated shins and a few color changes.


I really like the bow, but an arrow like that wouldn’t fly very well. I needs to be symmetrical. Like this:


That bow is legit!

And with that, you reminded me that I was going to include more story information with these posts. Guess that’s not happening.

Ohh, that bow. <3


For some reason I’ve always wanted that mask…

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That freakin’ bow. 27/10.

The chest looks pretty complex, but the Inika body armor obscures it too much for me to tell. The gray parts on the shins are a little odd, but whatever.

Overall, he looks pretty good. The armoring makes it seem a lot simpler than it is, for better or worse.

This is unrelated to the build of the moc, but what would his mask power be? Or are you going for a gen 2 approach?

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is it wierd if i havent heard of toa Vihagu ever?

Cough… interesting bow, yet the proportions seem of, and string placement is impossible on real bow (eg. You could not shoot with that bow, ever)

As for the guy, he looks nice from side, but if you look at him from the front hee looks… Mehish?

Anyways, keep up the good work!

This is a Gen 2 MOC, but before I knew that G2 didn’t have mask powers “like that,” I intended for it to be a Huna.

I’m warning you

if you made Drainu worse

I’ll kill ya


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You mean, kill me the second time.

Anyway, glad you made it, and I hope you like this.

Changed her shins, torso, and upper arms, gave her a normal (hairless) head, and removed dark blue (and the gearbox).


Looks very nice!

I think the staff is a bit off, given the purple spike and the dark green armor piece.

dem shoulders and butt doe


Though it’s a good female toa

They both look awesome.

but the second one is the better one…

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The spikey-husariaesque king like stuff looks interesting,

Colourscheme breaking 2 pieces?

Hawk, decide: purple or dark green pill? (This is related)

The dark green and purple pieces are intentional, the spear is not intended to be a part of her color scheme. The Purple piece represents a psionically-induced dagger, and the dark green piece… really I dunno. Some type of cloth or something.

I would choose the purple pill, probably.

So you ch… now I cannot anwser you

Drainu, Stoneclad Brawler

Tried out a different torso and thighs, compacted the shins, and changed him to a bare-fisted fighter. Not too confident about these particular updates, particularly the thighs, so comments on those would be helpful.


Lovely work! somehow he is better then before!

Feels like it’s not worth it do to this in these update threads…

Makaen, Frozen Renegade

Tried a different shin design and a different torso.