Toa Voya Balta and Dalu [General Toa Concept]

So I decided to use a template for every Toa (I want to draw) that still looks bioniclish and more realistic. I might publish the template, but only after a certain time.
Here for now, only Balta and Dalu in Toa form

I will use the left Toa for female characters and the right Toa for male ones per default.
I may accept requests for Toa using a certain element and mask (if there isn't one in the official storyline). I might also publish most of my masks so that others can make their own Toa, but I prefer keeping the files for myself...anyway, more might come soon in the next days.

With Mask

Without Mask

As you can see, I made some changes to their head(@Leoxander thank you, because I wasn't sure wether I should stay true to the original form). Here you can compare both:


Can you draw Hahli?

Ah, I see you are a man of culture as well. That was planned already. The Toa Voya and Mahri are rhe first ones, don't know if I should then do the Toa Nuva and Hagah.

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Hideous :stuck_out_tongue:

Once I made an artwork of Matoran. I was criticized for making their heads to much like Transformers. I know these aren't pretty at all, but they are more true to their real set form than before. I might make some changes, but I'm not sure if I should also make differences betwen males and females too...

How about now?