Toa Vulpes & the Sidrex X8

Here’s my self MOC and a Phantoka-type ship which honors my last self MOC. This post also celebrates Elljay’s review of the Phantoka on Youtube.

Toa Vulpes (Vul-pes) features a broad sword, rhotuka launcher, waist articulation and green/ red modified light piping.

As far as the ship goes, it’s based on my last self MOC, Toa Sidrex, who is actually just Vulpes from the past. The Sidrex V8 features a midak skyblaster, two ignika zamor pods for amo, three glatorian life counters, the mask of Sidrex (Rhode), and many more features visible in the images.

Thanks for checking out my first MOC on the boards!


I appreciate the amount of coverage at the “head” of the vehicle, but the nuva armor spam is alittle overkill.

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I agree with @Square

also nice double eyestocks there.

that’s pretty cool, it’s been a while since I’ve seen a character made with a vehicle

I really love the color scheme of both of these things


This is awesome.
Also, is that a real sword there?

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Thank you, and yes that is a real sword. I’m into historical weapons and armor, the sword model is the Hanwai Rhinelander.

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I’m a sucker for vehicle sets.

i love love the sidrex and like most of vulpes, but i think the ankles look thin when compared to the majority of the shin

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Thanks , I never noticed the ankle thing before. I’ll see if I can adjust them, because honestly their thinness does big me a little bit now.


Toa Vulpes looks really neat and really well built

The Sidrex X8 looks really cool, but I feel like it has too many nuva chest armour pieces on it.

I really like both the vehicle and the Toa!

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