Toa Yahru Revamp 2

This is my new take on Toa Yahru, and the second revamp shown here on TTV

I will post more later.


Looks pretty good!

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See more pics right here

A preview

Edit (12/04/2018):

Thanks. :+1:

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I like how the knuckes move into the hand

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The boy is still here after all these years.

I like what you did with the shins, it’s an aesthetic that I haven’t seen much. If you have the parts to rebuild the entire MOC with that kind of styling, I think he’d improve a lot and stand out from other G1-based MOCs. As he is, I’d recommend giving him some thicker thighs to match the thickness of the shins, and try some different armor on the forearms to make it look less blocky.

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I added a new thigh design to Yahru. Here’s the new look


Pretty common design, but that’s because it works well.

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If it works well, then it’s good.

I think I might try some Matoro Mahri Armor.

Anyway, I made some new thigh armor.