Toa Zaria, the Silent, Not-So-Gentle Iron Giant Who Just Wants to Go Home

“Sit down and be quiet.”

Also waaayyyy ahead of the Fanon Contest this is for, but I hear that all three of them might possibly be handled in one giant contest. Hence, I waste no time–

Le Unedited

Let me know if you spot the Easter Egg. :wink:

This box art edit is for personal use and multimedia practice purposes only. I am not in any way affiliated with LEGO and/or its intellectual properties, but I freaking wish I could be one day.

Check out my new set up for toy photography! I’m loving my new super clean black glossy table :black_heart:

I’m kidding lol I just went up the Photoshop Skill Tree and began practicing creating reflective surfaces; I’m too broke to afford LEGO, let alone a DSLR camera hahaha

My choice of color scheme is Burnt Orange-Gunmetal-Red. Officially, the colors are Dark Orange, Pearl Dark Grey, and Trans Red. I used Kryakwa’s Color Pack using the colors’ counterparts with increased specular attributes for presentation purposes. I don’t enjoy the natural glossy plastic of the official colors, especially for toy photography.

Main textures drawn from piston and Technic styles-- hence the hoses and gears, Mata Feet and G2 Armor, and yes, the Zamor Sphere Launcher as the torso base. Like a madman. :sunglasses:

Staff inspired by his backstory-- a non-lethal basic weapon as penance for his violation of the Toa Code, wrapped in chains to symbolize his restraint and regret.

Similar to my Orde's weapon aesthetic

Why the Zamor Launcher as a torso? Honestly, I just wanted to do something overly odd or obnoxiously out-of-the-box for the fun of it. It’s surprisingly a decent frame with convenient connection points.

This was legitimately the hardest part in building Zaria-- I wanted a “fierce, yet gentle” looking mask that has no “mouth” to convey how silent and repressed he was while maintaining a “no BS” attitude throughout the YQ serial. Galva’s Kanohi Azuhi fit that description and the frame I had already built for the body.

Regardless of what mask power Galva had intended this Kanohi to possess, I dig it a lot, and would very much like to use it if allowed. Given that this model was included in the publicly available Galvapack though, I would hope that it is usable for contest entries.

Finding pieces to create a balance of organic and mechanical textures led to this combination of parts. The Vorox/Skrall Armor was perfect, as its creature-themed structure somehow integrates pistons. The building technique used for the hand is by @Bukkey :sparkles: I love it way too much.

Also this foot piece is severely underused and I would very much like to bring it back. Lewa Phantoka and the Mighty Tuma get a jab at it and skedaddle? Nuh-uh. We need more of it.

That’s 2/3 Questerday Yesters accomplished with an updated Chiara on the way. Cheers!

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Ooh this looks pretty cool! My favorite parts are the pieces used for details and the staff.


oh wow - i love that torso design and staff!
this might be one of my favourites yet!
you make such great looking mocs man!


is it the little squiggle in the bottom-right corner of this image?


@Rukah merci! the staff was also my favorite part to build :ok_hand:

@Rhyla416 bless you for the validation lol thank you! glad you enjoy my work :beers:

@Enbeanie no, that is my signature :joy: that’s on all my edits on the lower right corner


Well done!

55.845 is the atomic weight of iron :wink:


The waist armor looks like the Nui-Java’s face! Not the Easter egg, though. Just a funny detail I noticed.


He’s on a dark reflective surface, and has red highlights, like Nui Stone Fragments. This is obviously a nod to Dark Mirror.


Pretty cool. The general similarity of the spikes (Skrall armour, Bohrok eyes, knee spikes) is great.
The staff looks nice too.

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Dramatic and well build, well done!

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Very cool looking moc! I really dig the overall build!

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This has got to be one of my favorite Zaria mocs so far, nice job.
I do wonder, is this buildable IRL? (no clipping/custom parts/colors)

Im stealing that sometime, its genius


Like a true fellow nerd :triumph::beers: well done!

Imma be real with you-- all that was a subconscious decision I didn’t notice until I finished building him; I just wanted textures to match and the silhouette to make sense :sweat_smile::ok_hand:

“Buildable irl” constitutes that the LEGO pieces used officially exist, and that the design is replicable physically; yes it’s buildable, sans the custom mask I mentioned.

The fact that some parts are recolored to adhere to my choice of color scheme however, does not detract from said “replicablility”. With the associated colors of the Iron element, it’s rather practical at this point to consider painting because “Burnt Orange and Gunmetal” Constraction parts are as rare as his species lol


really great build, probably my favourite zaria to date

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I’m really digging the mask.

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