toa zaria - the sole survivor

toa zaria (he/him)
element: iron
kanohi: tataru (mask of combustion) kanohi tataru by fusionx963 - Thingiverse
weapon: protosteel staff
zaria’s the sole survivor of the iron genocide. he wears the kanohi tataru, the mask of combustion. w it, he can create explosions or cause things 2 explode by placin his hands on em. the explosions always go outwards, away from him as 2 protect him. it was w this mask he killed the makuta responsible 4 the genocide of his fe brethren n sisteren.

the squid launcher’s universally recognized as bionicle’s worst launcher. i got it in a bulk parts lot years ago n decided 2 use it as part of his protosteel staff. held in purely by friction.


I really like the shaping of this. Especially his Popeye forearms


i like the use of orange on this!
the staff is also very creative!
nice work

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Very cool moc. I really like the shaping and the armor and construction are are actually quite well done. Nice job!