ToaGali416 be sellin things!

Welcome my children, roll up, roll up! for the most mediocre crap in all the land!!

so i am selling a bunch of my mildly rare bionicle parts - also as a quick disclaimer, if you buy the stuff, you are paying postage (i have had a few experiences with that and i just want ta make it clear)
i will also be making a bricklink/ebay store at some point but think o this as some VIP-early access, where you can reserve certain items that tickle your fancy, and when they are being sold on proper platforms i will have them ready for you.
this is for privacy reasons
this is also gonna go toward paying towards my crushing debt and my moc’s and
these prices are also the average prices on bricklink tho i am occasionally up for negotiation for some
(also the Kraata images are from bricklink due to me having an awful camera.)
k lessa go.

1393 Matoro
no instructions or polybag

Bionicle Mask Matatu (Turaga) 32570 in Green

Bionicle Mask Kraahkan, Movie Edition 48419 in Black

Bionicle Mask Avohkii 44814 in Flat Dark Gold
A few little marks

Bionicle Mask Avohkii 44814 in Glitter Trans-Clear

Bionicle Mask Kakama 32568 in Dark Turquoise

Bionicle Mask Skull Type 1 20476 in Pearl Gold

Bionicle Mask Kraahkan, 4 Hole Chin 44815b in Black

Bionicle Mask Pakari 32566 in Blue
€ 3.50

Bionicle Rahkshi Kraata Stage 4 (pearl dark gray head, light gray tail.)

Bionicle Rahkshi Kraata Stage 1 (lime head, yellow tail.)
Screenshot 2022-08-09 at 12.18.12

Bionicle Rahkshi Kraata Stage 6 (metallic green head, lime tail.)
Screenshot 2022-08-09 at 12.18.30

Bionicle Rahkshi Kraata Stage 3 (Pearl dark gray head, metallic blue tail)

Bionicle Rahkshi Kraata Stage 3 (Pearl gold head, tan tail)
Screenshot 2022-08-09 at 12.17.58

Bionicle Rahkshi Kraata Stage 6 (Metallic blue head, medium blue tail)
Screenshot 2022-08-09 at 12.19.05


some of this stuff is pretty cool, but i don’t think i’ll buy anything


fair enough - and thank you!

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If I wasn’t a broke boy all the way in America I’d be all over that turquoise Kakama


i can’t even afford the ice cream box :cry:

these look so good


i could give you the ice cream box if ya want :rofl:

is that a pound? letme go see what the exchange rate is
edit: ye ok never mind, im not going pay double and cause the shipping is stupid

its supposed to be euros - this is a pound £