ToaKylerak: Gorast revamp

Here’s another revamp. This time it’s Gorast. The only thing missing is her wings because I lost one of them so here it is. Let me know what you think.



Great job! Still holds the look of Gorast well but bigger and more to standard size, very good.

-1/10 NEEDS MOAR RAHKSHI BREASTS!!!111111!!1!!!1one!!11! (This is actually a pretty good MOC, though)

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Wait, where’s the wings and 2nd set of arms?
Of all the things to take away from the four armed bug girl, why take away the four arms?

…* clap *… * clap *… * clap *

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She has 4 arms. Look at the smaller apendages.

The wings were missing because Kylerak could only find one wing, and not the other.

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Those don’t exactly work. They’re more or less back appendages, and not quite a 2nd set of arms.

Then make custom wings, or use different pieces for the wings, or something like that.

They work great for arms.

Also this moc was scrapped quite a while ago. Kylerak used it to make more MOCs.

I was a terrible human being two years ago and I’m a terrible human being now.

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